Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014

It is upon us.

Splashes of color at @aaufashion #MBFW

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Solange’s “Girls of Blaze” Lookbook for Puma

Late last year, we found out that Solange would be the new art director and creative consultant at Puma. Solange’s style has been featured in Vogue multiple times and she has been featured on popular blogs for her outfits countless times. Could Solange be what Puma needs to catapult themselves back into relevance?

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I Been Doin’ Nothin’, Where Tha F*** YEW Been?!


It has been a really long time since I posted here.  Today I realized, that this is something I’m passionate about. This is something I want to continue to do. In the midst of life — school, interning, work, etc. — we start to lose the essence of who we truly are. Obligations consume us and we don’t make time for things we actually enjoy. I’m reclaiming my essence, dammit! I had so many reasons as to why I couldn’t blog; I wanted to have a shitload of content queued, no one would read it, I wouldn’t be able to be consistent, the list goes on. But then I realized that I was just making excuses. Silly excuses.

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Mary Katrantzou SS 13

If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for beautiful prints and Mary Katrantzou’s Spring ’13 line executes pretty prints effortlessly. Since 2008, Katrantzou’s designs have been inspired Fabergé eggs, perfume bottles, and things of the like. For 2013, she decided to shift her inspiration and what a wonderful shift it was. This line is the embodiment of opulence, showcasing watermarks of retured legal tender from Germany, Greece, Malta, and the UK. The product is flawless and demonstrates all of the ways you can look like money in the bank.

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Rasheed (on the left)/@rvsheed

What is your name?: My name is Rasheed.
How old are you?: I’m 17 years old.
What’s your occupation/are you a student?: I study photography
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Fanshanista: Asia Anastasia VanMorgan (@AnastasiaVanM)

Just a quick note before I get into our fanshanista this week, since I’ve been slacking on posting, I’ll feature a new fanshanista(o) every day this week until Friday!

What is your name?: My name is Asia Anastasia VanMorgan.
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